Flyers Fans Chant ‘She Said No' at Patrick Kane

Chicago Blackhawks star Patrick Kane has said his focus remains on hockey as officials continue to investigate allegations of sexual assault against him, but apparently Philadelphia Flyers fans didn’t want to let that happen.

As the Blackhawks took on the Flyers in Philly Wednesday, fans booed each time Kane touched the puck and chanted “She said no” throughout the game.

The Blackhawks winger has faced intense media scrutiny since reports of an investigation into an alleged assault at his New York home first surfaced this summer. He has not been charged in the case, and said previously that he believes “once all the facts are brought to light I will be absolved.”

Last month, Erie County District Attorney Frank Sedita said the mother of the woman who accused Kane of sexual assault perpetrated an "elaborate hoax" when she delivered an evidence bag to her attorney. Shortly after, the attorney for the alleged victim resigned from the case.

Kane has remained fairly quiet on the developments, but said earlier, before a preseason game at the United Center, that he was trying to keep his focus on hockey.

"What's actually going to happen is speculation," Kane said. "So I don't know what's going to come next. ... If I start worrying about other things that's only going to mess with my head and mess with what I'm trying to do here. Obviously I'm trying to get my game back and get everything back on point. That's where my focus is right now."

The Blackhawks lost to the Flyers 3-0 Wednesday.

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