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Father Speaks Out After Son and Daughter Killed in Oak Forest Domestic Disturbance

Jorge Rodriguez said his daughter, Briana, had a big smile, while Emilio was protective of his older sister.

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A heartbroken father is opening up about the loss of his son and daughter, who were among those killed in a domestic incident early Friday in Oak Forest.

Jorge Rodriguez's son Emilio, 20, and daughter Briana, 22, were shot and killed Saturday in a sprawling incident that sparked a massive police presence and terrified the south suburban community. The deaths of Emilio, Briana, as well as their mother, Lupe Gomez, were all ruled homicides, according to authorities.

Police haven't officially named the person responsible for the rampage. The Cook County Medical Examiner's Office, however, said Saturday it ruled the death of one of the individuals, Carlos Gomez, 44, as a suicide due to a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

On Saturday, one day after losing his children, Jorge Rodriguez looked back on the memories and time he shared with his children, saying his heart is forever broken.

"No dad ever should be burying their kids," he said. "They tell me I got to be strong, yeah, but I can't."

Jorge Rodriguez said his daughter, Briana, had a big smile, while Emilio was protective of his older sister. Both had plans to go back to school.

"She wanted to go to college, and she wanted to learn sign language," added Dawn Guerrero, Jorge Rodriguez's wife. "Emilio was always a funny guy, had a heart."

At least four people are dead following a reported shooting, barricade situation and house fire Friday in Oak Forest, officials said. NBC 5's Lexi Sutter shares more information about the incident.

Jorge Rodriguez and his fiancé say they, for years, fought to gain custody of the children, but lost their battle in court.

"So many reports on the house, nobody caught it, and now its too late," stated Guerrero.

Jorge Rodriguez said he just wants his children back, and now, he has to live with this regret for the rest of his life.

"They’re always going to be in my heart," he said.

"We want to bury our kids peacefully so they have peace now, and they’re not in the chaos and the pain anymore," his wife, Guerrero, added.

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