Fake Cop Sought in Suburbs

West Chicago police looking for man in black Crown Victoria

A 19-year-old driver in West Chicago claims he was pulled over last weekend by a man driving a black Ford Crown Victoria and wearing a police uniform.

The local police department suspects the stop was unofficial and that the would-be cop was actually an imposter.

The suspect, who was cordial throughout the encounter, according to a news release from the West Chicago Police Department,  advised the witness that he had been stopped for “suspicious driving.”

The imposter asked for permission to search the witness’ car. The witness consented to the search, at which time the suspect placed the witness in the rear of the Crown Victoria. Subsequent to the search the suspect released the witness with an admonishment.

The witness advised that the suspect was wearing a dark blue police uniform with no nametag or badge. The suspect’s uniform shirt displayed what appeared to be a police patch on the left shoulder.

During the encounter the suspect was wearing a police style belt, with a holster and handcuffs visible. The witness reported that there was what appeared to be a handgun in the suspect’s holster.

The fake cop is described as being:

  • Male white, approximately 50 years old
  • Short, gray/brown hair
  • Approximately 6’2” tall, 220 lbs.
  • Slightly unkempt appearance, including a “5 o’clock shadow” beard growth

The suspect’s vehicle is described as follows:

  • Black Ford Crown Victoria
  • 2000-2001 model design
  • Push bars on the front bumper
  • Black, five-spoke after-market rims with a small, silver center hub

Based on information provided by the witness, detectives have come up with a computer-generated composite image of the suspect.

Anyone with information concerning the identity of, or having contact with this individual, is encouraged to contact the West Chicago Police Department at 630-293-2222.

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