Entire Football Team Suspended Over Nasty Brawl

Former Bear Glen Kozolowski is coach.

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Former Bear Glen Kozlowski never had to apologize for a hard hit during his run with Chicago's Monsters of the Midway.

But Kozlowski is on the defensive about a benches-clearing brawl between his North Chicago varsity football team and Simeon's.

"I want to apologize to the North Chicago community that we let them down Friday night," he said in an interview on WGN this morning.

"[It was] a cheap shot," he said. "We were wrong."

Kozlowski's whole squad has been suspended indefinitley for the fight, which broke out after one of the North Chicago kids delivered a late hit on a Simeon player.  

The fight was "really awful," said Marty Hickman, executive director of the IHSA, to the Trib.

The game was cancelled due to the fight. Simeon had been leading 21-0, with five minutes left in the first quarter.

Some parents, apparently trying to protect their sons, joined the fight as well.

The IHSA also suspended eight Simeon varsity players, two for two games each and six for this weekend's game against Morgan Park.

North Chicago's team, meanwhile, will be suspended at least until their school administration meets with IHSA officials early next week.

There were no arrests, but police declined to release details for the brawl.

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