Dutch Bikes: Bicycles for Your Lifestyle

Transport Cargo up to 300 lbs in 'Bentley of Bicycles'

In the Netherlands, the bicycle rules. There are more than 16 million people in that country, but there are also 16 million bicycles.

That is an astounding ratio according to Jon Lind, North American Distributor of De Fietsfabriek bicycles.

"In Amsterdam alone there are more bikes than people," he said. "Everybody rides, whether its social or commuting, its done by bicycle."

It's a biking culture that Oak Park native Lind fell in love with during a two-year stay in the Netherlands. Lind was in Europe for work but quickly saw an option for a second career, distributing the cargo bicycle, De Fietsfabriek.

"The name is De Fietsfabriek and it literally translates from Dutch to English as the 'Bike Factory,'" Lind said.

De Fietsfabriek bicycles can tote up to 300 lbs in cargo. They are heavy duty, smooth sailing, lifestyle bikes. Lind is the first in North American to carry the two- and- three-wheeled treasures. The bicycles are being used by daycares in Logan Square and singles in the Gold Coast Lind said

"Some like not having to go to the gym," Lind said. "Others like the local, sustainable lifestyle."

A few of the highlights include a full chain case, wheel lock and the possibility of personalization -- you can have your name stenciled in the bicycle.

The bicycles are pricey, but Lind says people should come and try one out, and they may be convinced that this Bentley of Bicycles is for them.

"You save the environment, you save money, and your sanity by biking on a regular basis," he said.

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