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Don't miss it: Fall colors across Chicago closer to peaking. Here's the latest timeline

According to experts, fall colors in the area are expected to peak in the next 7 days

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Fall is in full swing across Chicago, with Halloween decorations donning homes and busy visits to area apple orchards and pumpkin patches.

But what about the fall colors?

According to the latest estimates published by Smoky Mountains tourism board, much of the Chicago area appears to be close to seeing its peak. However, the warm weather the past few weeks may have slowed things down, experts say.

"The trigger for fall colors is shorter days, cooler nights," Vice President of Collections and Horticulture at the Morton Arboretum Kris Batchell told NBC Chicago. "We've have fairly warm night temperatures, and that kept things really going," Batchell said, of the green leaves.

Batchell said Maple and Elm trees are already in color, but that Oaks haven't quite started. However, that should change as the temperature drops.

"We're getting these cool nights, sunny days, and that should make these colors pop," Batchell said.

The Morton Arboretum expects peak fall colors to occur over the next seven days. Similarly, the Smoky Mountains' 2023 Fall Foliage Prediction Map shows peak fall color could arrive the week of Oct. 23 in most of northern Illinois and northern Indiana.

By the week of Oct. 30, some of the area is expected to move beyond peak colors, and by Nov. 6 fall colors will have passed their peak in virtually the entire state.

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