Dogs Mysteriously Die After Swimming in Wisconsin Lake, Owner Says

Two dogs mysteriously died after reportedly swimming in a Wisconsin lake over the weekend.

Lindsey Holmes told NBC affiliate WMTV she took her Cavalier King Charles to Lake Mendota for a swim near the Memorial Union Terrace in Madison Sunday afternoon. Soon after, her dog began vomiting and foaming at the mouth.

She rushed her pup to a veterinary hospital in the area where the dog later died.

Holmes said her dog was 3 years old and healthy.

"For this to happen I can't even understand it right now that she's gone. It's the worst thing in the world right now," she told WMTV.

Holmes also claimed another dog came into the vet while she was there with similar symptoms after swimming in the lake.

The UW-Veterinary Hospital reported two dogs did die at the hospital following a swim in the water but experts believe the dogs' deaths "were unfortunate and coincidence."

Clean Lakes Alliance said it was made aware of the incident Sunday night and immediately took samples of the water near where the dog had been swimming.

The organization said it gave the local public health department the samples early Monday morning, but early test results did not indicate bacteria from blue green algae bloom were in the water.

“We will continue to work with Public Health and communicate any new information as additional water testing is done,” the group said in a statement. “Clean Lakes Alliance will make sure any water safety concerns are shared with the community to help prevent any additional incidents.”

"I think it is unlikely there is something else in the water that killed two dogs," Dr. Jon Bach with UW-Veterinary Hospital told NBC 5. "Many other dogs swam in Mendota on Sunday as well."

The cause of the dogs' death was not immediately known.

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