CTA Red Line

CTA receives $100 million federal grant for Red Line extension project


The Chicago Transit Authority has received a $100 million grant from the federal government to assist with a massive project to extend the Red Line to 130th Street.

According to the agency, the grant was designed to encourage cities to mitigate congestion and to improve air quality while reducing carbon emissions. A similar $30 million grant had been awarded to the Red Line extension project in 2021.

The project would aim to extend the Red Line by 5.6 miles from its current conclusion at 95th Street all the way down to 130th Street. A total of four new stations would be constructed at 103rd, 111th, Michigan Avenue, and 130th Streets on the Far South Side.

In addition, a new railyard and expanded CTA facilities would be constructed to house cars and repair shops for the agency, according to a blueprint for the project.

The project could bring as many as 25,000 new jobs to Cook County, officials estimate.

Funding is being obtained for the project from a variety of sources. Last year, the federal government earmarked nearly $2 billion for the project through its “New Starts” program. Another $950 million will be obtained via a newly-formed Transit TIF district established by the Chicago City Council in 2022, according to officials.

There is no word on when the project will officially get underway.

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