CPS Finance 101: What's On the Syllabus

Teaching students about money

Syllabus: "CPS Adding 'Financial Literacy' To Curriculum- Sun-Times

Lesson 1: The Chicago Way 101. Everything is for sale. A historical perspective.

Lesson 2: Dealmaking. How to put yourself between transactions and slice off a little bit for yourself as a consultant, lawyer, adviser, or broker.

Lesson 3: Financial Security. When making a deal with a public official, make it look like a coincidence. Quid pro quo is a no-no.

Lesson 4: Definitions. A balanced budget is one that projects the rosiest of future revenues, not one that reflects reality. How it's done.

Lesson 5: Guest Speaker: Sam Zell on Leveraging Other People's Money.

Lesson 6: Hidden Fees. Secrets of the banking and financial industry.

Lesson 7: Tax Tricks.  A study of the Obama Cabinet.

Lesson 8: Guest Speaker: Joey "the Clown" Lombardo on how to collect debts.

Lesson 9: Pyramid Schemes. How to make them work for you. (Please have your Olympic bid books read by the time we get to this one.)

Lesson 10: Minority Contracting Shams: Whitey can be your friend if you play your cards right.

Final Exam: Here is a calculator, the teacher's union contract, a list of patronage employees, the mayor's pet programs, and the CPS budget. Please balance it. You have 45 minutes.

Steve Rhodes is the editor and publisher of The Beachwood Reporter.

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