Coyote Captured in Ranch Triangle Thursday Night

The animal was tranquilized and captured by Chicago Animal Care and Control officials Thursday

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 After an exhaustive search and pursuit, Chicago police and animal control officials were able to capture a coyote on Chicago’s North Side on Thursday night.

The animal was chased by police and animal control officials through several city blocks, but was finally captured near the intersection of North Fremont Street and West Willow Street just after 10 p.m. Thursday.

Video showed the animal being loaded into an Animal Care and Control van after it was shot with a tranquilizer.

Authorities captured a coyote on Chicago's North Side Thursday, and NBC 5's Patrick Fazio was there as the capture was made.

It is unclear if the animal is the one wanted in a pair of recent attacks in the city. In one incident Wednesday, a coyote attacked a 6-year-old boy in Lincoln Park, leaving the boy hospitalized with wounds to his face.

In the overnight hours Thursday, another attack was reported, as a coyote attacked a man in Streeterville. It is unclear if the coyote was the same animal involved in the Lincoln Park attack.

Chicago police and animal control officials say that they are tracking multiple coyotes in the city Thursday. NBC 5's Patrick Fazio has the latest details.

Experts say that coyote attacks against humans are exceedingly rare, with approximately one per year recorded in the United States. Coyotes can become aggressive if humans provide ready sources of food, or if the animal is sick, according to experts.

There are approximately 2,000 coyotes in the Chicago area, according to researchers.

Chicago police had been going after another coyote near the intersection of Oak and Hudson on Thursday night, but it appears that the coyote was able to escape.

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