Assessor Candidate Injured in Fight Over Campaign Sign

Fighting for his office

Raymond Figueroa is fighting to become the next Cook County assessor --- literally.

Figueroa was injured Tuesday night in a scuffle outside his home when a trespasser allegedly tried to remove a campaign sign from his yard, tipsters say. Police declined to confirm this detail, according to WBBM.  

Witnesses say the former Cook County Circuit Court judge got into an argument with the sign thief sometime before 7 p.m. and that the war of words escalated into a fist fight that left him bloody.

The sign stealer fled the scene before cops arrived and Figueroa refused to go to the hospital for his injuries, though he said he’d seek medical attention later.

Cops have made no arrests.

Figueroa faces Democrats Robert Shaw and Joseph Berrios in next week’s primary election, a fight that should yield fewer physical ailments.

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