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Company offers Kraft Mac & Cheese-inspired dishware

The dishes will be available later this week, according to officials

If you’ve ever had a bowl or plastic container stained yellow by Kraft Mac & Cheese, then a new collection could fit your palette.

Ann Sandra will soon offer up the new collection, which was forged through a partnership between Les-Ottomans and Kraft Dinner, according to its website.

The collection features a ceramic bowl, a ceramic pasta bowl and a silicone spoon, and comes with a very distinctive hue.


That color is described as “cheesy golden hue,” and is meant to evoke the look of the stains left behind by Kraft Mac & Cheese that’s been left in a container or a bowl for too long before being enjoyed, according to the company.

According to the company’s website, the first run of the dinnerware sold out, but a second collection is being released on Friday, with customers able to sign up for notifications when the collection goes live.

Kraft introduced its first macaroni and cheese dish nearly 90 years ago, according to the company. It has since become a phenomenon both in the U.S. and especially in Canada.

According to AdAge, the mac and cheese stains you see on dishes are caused by the paprika and turmeric contained within its recipe.

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