Chicagoan in London Talks Royal Wedding

Valerie Miller moved to London in January, just in time for the wedding of the century

Valerie Miller, a former Chicagoan now living in London, has been getting a lot of requests for Royal news these days.

Thankfully Miller is a social media junkie. She moved to London in January just in time to catch the wedding of the century, and she’s been constantly updating her friends and family at home about the Britons' fascination with the royal wedding.

With all the royal wedding buzz in the U.S., NBC 5 News Today checked in with her and asked for her account of what's really happening across the pond.

First of all, why did you move to London?
I studied here in school and just fell in love with the city. I visited again in 2009 and fell in love with an American living here, who is a chef and owner of an American sandwich shop in the small leafy borough of East Sheen called Pickle & Rye. I am now doing freelance social media work and marketing.

What's it like in London right now? Have you noticed more tourists?
Definitely, tourists are already arriving, hotels are booked, and it's hard to find a place to stay. Now people are just trying to decide where to watch the wedding.

Where have you decided to watch?
They say the best place to go is a pub just to soak in all the culture, but my friend Carly and I are going to the Royal Mall to watch with 2 million of our closest friends! HA!

Many people in London have signed up their street with their councils to host street parties, complete with bunting and union jack flags everywhere. Another option is Hyde Park, where they are erecting a huge screen to project the ceremony and they are even bringing in a second Ferris Wheel there to watch from up high.

Are locals there as hyped about the wedding as people here in the U.S?

It's funny, some people are saying the Americans are more excited than the Brits, but that is simply because the Brits aren't as outspoken about it. Even the most cynical will enjoy the day because it's been declared a National Bank Holiday (day off work) and, despite the few against, many officials are encouraging the day to be a big happy party.

Have you bought any Royal Wedding memorabilia?
I want to get just a basic union jack flag, minus the faces of Kate and Prince William. I think that would be more classy. I also am getting the collectors tea cup and saucer for some people back home. It's the one thing approved by William and Kate.

What's the craziest wedding-related item you've seen sold in London?
Edible things. Chocolates with the royals’ faces on it. I feel weird about eating someone's face on a chocolate. Anything with their faces on it is not approved by the royals.

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