How to Track When Your Street Will Be Plowed

Nothing is worse than spending hours shoveling your street just for a city plow to come by moments later. 

While there are several ways to know when your streets might be plowed, now there are options to be able to see in real-time when Chicago’s “Snow Command” will be in your neighborhood:

ClearStreets: See which streets have been plowed and when. This map tracks Chicago's snow plows in real time by scraping data from the City of Chicago's Plow Tracker.

“Plow Tracker”: In 2012, the City of Chicago released “Plow Tracker,” which allows residents to track in real time which streets are being cleaned.

The Illinois Department of Transportation deployed 370 trucks by Friday morning, while the Illinois Tollway Authority had 196 trucks out as both agencies, among others, deal with what looks to be the largest snowstorm of the season so far. 

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