Deluge Floods Chicago-Area Expressways, Lake Shore Drive

Two lines of storms with heavy rain, high winds, and torrential rain swept the Chicago area in the evening and late-night hours Monday

Nearly all of Chicago's major roadways had portions underwater from the dual deluge of rain that fell upon the city Monday night.

Viaducts were flooded at the all of the exits along the northern portion of Lake Shore Drive, including those at West Irving Park Road, West Montrose Avenue, West Wilson Avenue, West Lawrence Avenue and at East Oak Street, leaving drivers to contend with high standing water.

On Interstate 55 -- the Stevenson Expressway -- some vehicles were seen going very slowly through water near Cicero Avenue that went up to the top of bumpers and headlights. There was also severe flooding on the Stevenson between South County Line Road and Kingery Highway / Route 83.

The Edens Expressway portion of Interstate 94 was completely closed in Northfield because of all of the water. Some vehicles failed with flooded engines, and motorists and first responders were seen pushing cars to higher ground.

Near O'hare International Airport, standing water and traffic merging to one lane forced some travelers to abandon their rides and walk along the expressway with their luggage.

Two lines of storms with heavy rain and high winds swept the Chicago area in the evening and late-night hours Monday.

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