Chicago Reacts to Boston Explosions

Chicago looked on with wide-eyes Monday afternoon when news broke that explosions rocked the finish line of the Boston Marathon. 

Chicago, after all, hosts a comparable, world-class marathon in the Fall.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel said he reached out to offer support to Boston. 

"I called Mayor Thomas Menino this afternoon to convey support from the people of Chicago," Emanuel said in a statement. "During this time of tragedy and uncertainty, the people of Boston are in our thoughts and prayers. ... The running of the Boston Marathon and Patriots Day are time-honored traditions. While the details of today’s tragedy are still unclear, one thing was immediately known: the patriotism and professionalism of public servants and first responders.  Our hearts go out the first responders, runners, volunteers and spectators in Boston today."

This city's first responders, meanwhile, have been instructed to keep vigilant in the hours following the blasts. 

Officials from the Chicago Office of Emergency Management said they are keeping tabs on developments. 
"We are closely monitoring events as they unfold in Boston and the City of Chicago’s public safety departments are actively communicating with our law enforcement partners both locally and throughout the country. At this time, we are not aware of any additional threats," OEMC said in a statement. 

Gov. Pat Quinn said state officials were "closely monitoring the developments in Boston." He said all of the state's public safety agencies -- the Illinois State Police, Illinois Emergency Management Agency, Illinois Department of Military Affairs and Office of the State Fire Marshal -- have been put on standby to respond to and report "suspicious" activity."

“May God bless our emergency responders and the everyday people for their heroic efforts to help the wounded and save lives," he said in a written statement.
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