Adam Kinzinger

Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger Says He Will Vote to Impeach President Trump

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Rep. Adam Kinzinger says that he will vote to impeach President Donald Trump, joining a growing list of lawmakers seeking to remove the president from office.

In a statement, Kinzinger says that Trump “incited” a violent mob that stormed the United States Capitol last week, and that the president’s actions are worthy of impeachment.

“In assessing the articles of impeachment brought before the House, I must consider: if these actions – the Article II branch inciting a deadly insurrection against the Article I branch – are not worthy of impeachment, then what is an impeachable offense?” Kinzinger said in a statement. “I will vote in favor of impeachment.”

Kinzinger is at least the third Republican member of the House to say they will vote to impeach the president, joining Reps. Liz Cheney and John Katko.

Kinzinger has been outspoken in his criticism of the president since last week’s violence at the Capitol, which left at least five people dead and hundreds potentially facing federal charges.

Democratic lawmakers are set to put forward a resolution Tuesday night to call on Vice President Mike Pence to implement the 25th Amendment, which would remove Trump from office. If they do not do so, then the House intends to move forward with articles of impeachment against the president, a move that House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell have indicated they will not rally members of their respective caucuses to oppose.

In order for the president to be removed from office, the House would need to pass the articles of impeachment with a simple majority vote. After a trial in the U.S. Senate, two-thirds of sitting senators would need to vote to remove Trump from office.

Here is Kinzinger’s full statement on the vote:

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