Chicago Deli to Offer Free Sandwiches to Customers Wearing a Mask

A Chicago deli will offer free sandwiches to all customers who show up wearing a mask, following an anonymous donation on Tuesday.

Manny's Deli in South Loop posted on social media that an anonymous person donated a free sandwich day to customers wearing a face covering.

Within five hours of posting the tweet, over 300 people reacted on Twitter, with many asking Manny's when the free sandwich day will arrive in Chicago.

The eatery said details, including a date, will be released soon.

The deli issued a challenge earlier this month to customers saying "if we go 30 days without having to ask anyone to put a mask on or properly wear your mask, we will give away free sandwiches for the day."

Prior to the challenge, Manny's said it hadn't made it longer than a few hours without asking people to adjust their masks.

Within a day, the restaurant said the challenge had already failed and at least seven people had to be corrected.

But Manny's decided to give customers one more chance before the anonymous donation Tuesday.

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