Aldermen Pass Ordinance Allowing $500 Fine for “Upskirting”

Measure passed with 45 yeas and no nays

Snapping a photo under or through someone's clothes can now earn a "weirdo" a $500 fine under an ordinance approved Wednesday by Chicago aldermen.

"There is a state law that currently classifies upskirting as a crime punishable by jail time, but this city ordinance violation would provide our police officers with an additional tool to combat this invasive crime," said Ald. Ed Burke (14th). "It’s very similar to our city disorderly conduct law, and the fines for the city ordinance violation go to the city coffers rather the state laws which go to the state."

Burke is the chair of the City Council's Finance Committee and said last week the fine was needed because "there are a lot of weirdos roaming around."

The measure passed with 45 yeas and no nays.

Ald. Bob Fioretti (2nd) said he doubted the added fine would have any effect in stopping the practice.

"You can sell this stuff online, make thousands of dollars within moments and then pay a $500 fine? There's no imprisonment," Fioretti said.

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