Introduction to the Chicago Fashion Incubator

Lara Miller and Kiran Advani explain how their organization bridges the gap between business and arts communities.

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2011 Designers in Residence from left to right: Crystal Simms: Crystal B. Designs; Shavonne Dorsey; Concetta Cipriano; Eric Kipp; Kahindo Mateene; Taneasha Prunty: Gidi.
2010 Designers in Residence from left to right: Christina Fan: C/FAN; Donaldo Smith: Killian Gui; Miriam Cecilia Carlson: Miriam Cecilia; Leah Fagan: Alidade; Jonnie Rettele: Nonnie Threads; Stephanie Kuhr: Dottie’s Delights.
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2009 Pictured with Tommy Hilfiger and Terry Lundgren, from left to right: Ashley Zygmunt: Zamrie; Nora Jewett: Nora del Busto; Jess Audey: Audey; Cynthia Ryba: Cynthia Ryba; Anna Hovet: Anna Hovet Designs; Catherine Furio: Furio Apparel.
2008 Designers in Residence (see picture #1) from left to right: Glen Mallory: 6 Ace; Kate Coxworth: Kate Boggiano; Agga B. Raya: Agga B.; Lidia Wachowska: Evil Kitty; Yana German: Yana Collection; Kristin Hassan: Kristin Hassan.
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