Forbes Ranks Benny the Bull as No. 1 Sports Mascot

The Chicago Bulls mascot is the most popular across all of the major U.S. sports

If you’ve ever gone to a Chicago Bulls game at the United Center, one of the memories you’ll almost always come away with is of Benny the Bull. The team mascot is the center of the in-arena entertainment and he never disappoints.

From spilling a giant bag of popcorn on unsuspecting fans, to hanging from the rafters of the United Center banging a drum, if you’re not watching the action on the court, your eye is almost always on Benny.

On Tuesday, Forbes picked their top 10 mascots across the professional sports leagues in the United States and Benny the Bull came out on top. He was followed by Pat the Patriot (New England Patriots), Mr. Met (New York Mets), Phillie Phanatic (Philadelphia Phillies) and Rowdy (Dallas Cowboys) rounded out the top five.

Awareness, likeability, attention getting, photo friendliness, interaction and fun were all factored into  The Marketing Arm’s Davie Brown Index.

Benny has been the Bulls mascot for the better part of 40 years and does more than just make appearances at home games. Benny can be seen out and about and different events (approximately 250 a year) around Chicago and even outside of the city as he’s usually a fixture during the NBA’s All-Star Weekend as well.

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