Chicago Blackhawks

Can You Spot the New features of the Blackhawks' 2017-18 Jersey?

The Chicago Blackhawks have long been ranked as one of the top jersey designs in the NHL, and the team unveiled their newest look on Tuesday night. 

The new look, which came about because of the NHL's switch to Adidas as the league's primary jersey provider, was unveiled as part of a huge event in Las Vegas on Tuesday night. All 31 teams, including the Vegas Golden Knights, unveiled their new looks, and while some teams went with drastic changes, the Blackhawks were much more subtle. 

Here is their new jersey look: 

At first glance, there doesn't appear to be a lot different in the jersey from the Reebok models that the team has worn the last several seasons. Here is that jersey:

The one big difference in the jersey is the design of the collar, which is consistent with all the new Adidas jerseys. A subtle difference in the cut of the jersey is present as well, but other than that, all of the hallmarks of the Blackhawks' classic jerseys are there. 

What do you think of the new look, Blackhawks fans? 

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