Chicago Artist Raps About “Game of Thrones”

Chicago rapper and actor Common, along with other artists, teamed up with HBO to create a GOT-inspired mixtape

If you weren’t already anxiously awaiting the season premiere of HBO’s “Game of Thrones,” this might help.

Chicago rapper and actor Common, and several other hip-hop artists, teamed up with HBO to create a GoT-inspired mixtape.

Titled “Catch the Throne: the Mixtape,” Common and eight other hip-hop artists, and self-proclaimed GoT fans, including Wale, Big Boi and Daddy Yankee, came up with 10 songs to ramp up anticipation for the Season 4 premiere on April 6 and encourage fans to catch up on past seasons.

“'Game of Thrones’ centers around battles for power, and rap is definitely a battle for power,” Common said in a promotional video from Vibe Magazine.

In the video preview, Common raps “I sit and think when I’m in my zone. This life is like a Game of Thrones.”

The mixtape is expected to be released on Soundcloud this month.

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