Chicago-Area Schools Preparing Special Eclipse Activities

Monday’s solar eclipse is being billed as an incredible celestial event, and area schools are using a variety of tactics to ensure that it will be a learning experience for their students.

When the eclipse occurs Monday, Marian Catholic High School administrator Jennifer Clifford will bring a group of nearly 250 students to southern Illinois to see the eclipse in person, as the moon will completely block the sun for nearly three whole minutes in the southern portion of the state.

“It’s overwhelming,” she said. “We thought 100 would be great, but here we are with 246 (students) and we are amazed.”

10 Things To Know About the Upcoming Solar Eclipse

Other schools that aren’t making the long trip south will still find unique ways to experience the eclipse, as it will feature nearly 90 percent totality in the northern part of Illinois.

At James B. Conant High School, some students will watch the eclipse from the football stadium. At Riverside Brookfield, science teachers are planning a wide variety of eclipse-related activities for Monday.

Eclipse Viewing Events in the Chicago Area

Other schools will stick to livestreaming the event, including elementary and middle schools in the Oswego area.

"We wish to safely engage our students in this historic event by providing teachers with education resources to incorporate the solar eclipse into their lessons,” a letter to parents read. 

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