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Brookfield Zoo wants your help naming 2 of their new baby flamingos

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Brookfield Zoo recently welcomed nine American flamingo chicks from a partner zoo in San Antonio, and are looking for the public's help in naming two of them.

The social creatures have gotten acclimated to the zoo quickly, going on a walk around the Roosevelt Fountain everyday, weather permitting, giving them a chance to socialize with visitors.

While adults are known for their pink appearance, baby flamingos appear grey and don't turn fully pink until they are 2 years old.

“These guys are filter feeders,” Cody Hickman, Brookfield Zoo’s associate director of avian care said.  “They eat crustaceans and vertebrates, stuff like that, and that’s how they get their coloration from the pigment. It metabolizes in their feathers and that’s how flamingos become pink.”

As for the naming contest, the zoo has narrowed the options for their male and female babies down to four names.

For the male, the name choices are Otis, Ringo, Dash, and Fabio. The choices for the female’s name are:  Fiona, Peggy, Sunrise, and Daisy.

Those interested in voting can make their voices heard here up until Oct. 24.

The winning names will then be revealed exclusively on NBC Chicago on Oct. 25.

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