Bank of America Sends Woman Nasty Junk Mail

We've all been subject to receiving junk mail, but it's rare to receive nasty mail.

But that's exactly what happened to a California woman named Lisa McIntire.

According to, McIntire received mail from Bank of America addressed to "Lisa Is A Slut McIntire." The envelope contained a letter with a sales pitch stating "Lisa Is A Slut McIntire, you've earned this special offer."

For the record, McIntire's middle name is not "Is a Slut."

McIntire was alerted to the letter by her mother, and took to her Twitter account to voice her displeasure.

Bank of America tweeted McIntire an apology and determined that the name mixup originated from the Golden Key International Honour Society, a marketing partner of the bank.

McIntire says Bank of America and Golden Key officials called and apologized for the error, along with posting apologies on their respective Twitter accounts.

Officials still haven't been able to determine how the offensive name ended up in the database.

Last month, a suburban Chicago couple who lost their teenage daughter in a car crash received mail from OfficeMax addressed to "Daughter Killed in Car Crash."

The company later apologized for its mistake and blamed it on a third-party mailing list provider.

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