Bank of America Chicago

Bank of America Chicago Marathon Training Week 2: Set Good Habits

I had to focus on slowing myself down

This week, I’m focusing on just hitting the pavement.

The weather hasn’t been as cooperative as I’d like lately, but I was still able to get in a 7.5 mile run on Tuesday.

I felt pretty good out there.

I had to focus on slowing myself down. Every marathoner I’ve spoken to keeps telling me to get used to slowing down my pace to start. The goal is that by mile 20, my body won’t shut down. No promises on that one. 

This week I’m planning on getting in a 4.5 mile recovery run and completing a 15 minute benchmark run through the Nike Run Club app. 

I’m also planning to build in more strength training into my workout plan. My goal is to do more HIIT classes. What have you used for strength training?

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