Attorney Asks for Another Subpoena in Jackson Divorce Case

The attorney for former congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. is asking a Cook County judge for one more subpoena in his already-sensational and highly-public divorce from his wife, former seventh ward alderman Sandi Jackson.

Attorney Brendan Hammer would not identify the intended recipient, saying the matter must first go before a judge Jan. 31.

Last week, Jackson and his attorney made headlines as they subpoenaed former police superintendent Garry McCarthy, along with two others, after alleging that Sandi Jackson had committed certain “acts” in Illinois which led to the once-high-flying couple’s divorce. Those subpoenas demanded various documents, including records of any gifts that might have been exchanged with Sandi Jackson, and in some cases, photographs that might document vacations. 

The subpoena sent to McCarthy demanded documents dating back to May of 2012, just before Jackson took a leave of absence from Congress to begin treatment for what was later revealed to be a bipolar disorder. 

In an emailed statement, one of the other two men, Chicago businessman Richard Simon, said he had only met Sandi Jackson on two occasions, which were social events with more than 100 people present. 

“I have not communicated with her directly or indirectly, or with Ms. Jackson by telephone or by any electronic means ever,” Simon told NBC5. “There are no gifts, funds, or anything else of value given to Ms. Jackson by me for any reason, nor have I done so for another.” 

“From the media spin,” said Simon, “it appears that Mr. Jackson’s lawyer is far over reaching for legal actions in Illinois, so the court will keep the case in Illinois.”

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