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Woman Returns $2,800 to Owner

A Sauk Village woman returned $2,837 she found in a parking lot to the man who lost it



    Woman Returns $2,800 to Owner
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    Lester Franklin and Raymonde Brison met after Brison returned $2,837 that fell out of Franklin's pocket. Franklin returned her kindness with a $500 and a potted plant.

    A Sauk Village woman was the Good Samaritan last week for a man who lost $2,837 out of his pocket. 

    Raymonde Brison, 81, stumbled on the bundle of cash in the parking lot of a South Side clinic where she was having her blood pressure checked, the Chicago Sun-Times reports.

    Brison, a widow on a fixed income, said she never even thought of keeping the money. She wanted to get it back to Lester Franklin, the man who left his name on a card in the middle of the cash, as soon as possible. 

    Franklin believes he lost the money as he was picking up his father from the same clinic. Franklin, a retired city worker and CTA bus driver, was taking his father out to eat when he found his pockets empty.

    He went back to the clinic to find the cash wasn't there. But the next morning, South Holland Police left a message on Franklin's answering machine telling him they had something he needed to pick up. Franklin got his money back, every dollar of it.

    He found Brison's name on the police report and, to return her kindness, went to her house with a potted plant and $500 reward. 

    Brison said she was very grateful for the reward and will use the money to see her terminally ill son in Texas.