Gang Member Ordered to Attack Chicago in '02: Wikileaks - NBC Chicago

Gang Member Ordered to Attack Chicago in '02: Wikileaks

9/11 mastermind ordered Padilla to blow up Chicago building, says memo



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    New information from Wikileaks revealed the man behind the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks set his sights on Chicago.

    A 2006 Defense Department memo leaked by Wikileaks unveiled that the terrorist made contact with Chicago gang member Jose Padilla in 2002 to discuss future plans, the Sun-Times reports.

    The memo revealed the following orders: "Travel to Chicago, Illinois, rent an apartment, and initiate a natural gas explosion to cause the building to collapse."

    Padilla also was directed to investigate whether it was possible to set a gas station or hotel on fire in the U.S.

    U.S. authorities took Padilla into custody at O'Hare Airport in May 2002 on suspicion of wanting to blow up a dirty bomb.

    Padilla is serving a 17-year prison sentence on lesser charges. The White House condemned the release of the classified document by Wikileaks.