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Teachers Spent $1 a Day on Food

Diet consisted mostly of rice and beans



    Teachers Spent $1 a Day on Food

    On the Food Network, Rachael Ray hosts a travel series in which she offers tips to viewers on how to spend only "$40 a day" on food.

    But she's got nothing on the McCanns.

    Andy McCann, 29, and his wife Janell spent the entire month of March eating only a dollar's worth each of food per day.

    That's less than we spent on just this morning's coffee.

    The couple blogged about their experiences, hoping to educate their readers on how over a million people in poverty around the world must survive. The money they saved will help fund a mission to Honduras, a country with limited food options.

    McCann, a teacher at Nicholson Elementary in Montgomery, ate approximately 1200 calories a day, mostly comprised of beans, rice, and homemade bread. With only a dollar per day, he didn't have many fruits or vegetables.

    "We were able to still afford eggs and potatoes," McCann said. "So that was a real treat."

    McCann said he lost about 20 pounds, but his slimmer body had little energy.

    "If I did any physical activity," he told The Beacon-News, "I tired quickly."

    But McCann still says he was more fortunate than most. He and his wife still had easy access to medicine and clean water.

    This is the second time they've taken on the dollar a day challenge. They tried it once before in 2008 and donated the money to Heifer international, a group that aims to end hunger.

    McCann said he and Jenell's first post-dollar meal was a frozen barbecue chicken pizza.

    "We didn't want to shock our systems," he said.

    McCann admitted that if he ever sees a pinto bean again, it will be too soon.

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