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How to Lose a Job Before You Get It

Job applicants accused of stealing from tip jar



    How to Lose a Job Before You Get It
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    It's best not to steal from the employer you're applying for a job with.

    When applying for a job, there are a few common sense rules on how to impress the potential employer: dress appropriately, speak with confidence and respect, and don't steal from the business's tip jar.

    Two teens are accused of stealing from an ice cream shop's tip jar just moments after applying for jobs, reports

    On Friday afternoon, two boys, ages 15 and 16, filled out job applications at Pat's Ice Cream Parlor in Valparaiso, Indiana, an employee told police.

    But as she stepped away from the counter to file the applications, she heard the sound of change rattling in the tip jar—a sound every employee listens for closely, we're sure.

    The 18-year-old clerk told police she saw the boys grab some money from the jar and run out, according to

    She ran after the teens, who gave her two dollars when she caught up with them.

    Two dollars?! The theft was hardly worth the trouble.

    Alleged theft, that is. One of the boys told police that they didn't actually steal any money, but he turned over $2 of his own money just to get out of any trouble, reports

    But, if they didn't steal anything, why did they run? Hmm.

    Both boys, who were already on probation, were arrested on preliminary theft charges.

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