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Dogs Reported Running On Lake Michigan Ice



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    Moments after fire crews managed to drive a dog off Lake Michigan ice and onto shore, a second animal was reported running on the ice along Lake Shore Drive Saturday morning.

    Crews responded to a report of a dog needing rescue from the ice at 1600 North Lake Shore Drive around 7:30 p.m.

    Witnesses who reported the sighting said the dog was chasing geese near North Avenue beach.

    A man walking his dog noticed the animal on the ice and tried to catch him, but ultimately called the fire department for help.

    Fire officials said the dog was about 300 yards out onto the ice when they arrived.

    The department used a helicopter to drive the dog to shore and it ran back onto land where police were working to capture it. But after hours of searching, officials called off the rescue mission.

    "He is on his own now, we can't keep up with him," said Battalion Chief Tom Sutkus with the Chicago Fire Department.

    Fire crews left the scene after the dog was no longer in immediate danger, but witnesses reported a second canine on the ice near Belmont and Fullerton a few minutes later.

    Officials said the second animal was spotted about a mile out on the ice and was too far to rescue.

    "Boy the fire department really put everything into it just for a dog," said witness Dan Baldwin. "That's pretty amazing."