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Daley Leads City to Lake, Offers More Chances to Drink

Proposal would double liquor licenses along lakeshore



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    With a day as beautiful as today, many people are  basking in the sun along the lakefront, and maybe even enjoying a few suds.

    Under a new proposal by Mayor Daley, there could soon be just as many beers as there are bikinis on Chicago's waterfront, reports Chicago Breaking News.

    Today, Daley unveiled his plan to more than double the number of liquor licenses on Park District property along Lake Michigan.

    There are currently 12 CPD lakefront locations that are allowed to sell beer, wine, and liquor, according to the Chicago Tribune.

    Daley's proposal would add 13 more:

    • 31st Street Boathouse
    • 63rd Street Beach House
    • 87th Street Harbor
    • Calumet Beach House
    • Diversey Driving Range and Miniature Golf Course
    • Diversey Grill
    • DuSable Harbor Building
    • Montrose Beach House
    • North Rose Garden at Buckingham Fountain
    • Ohio Street Beach
    • Osterman Beach House
    • South Shore Cultural Center
    • South Shore Golf Course

    Also, the ordinance would stop most alcohol sales at 10 p.m, an hour earlier than the current cut-off time. However, both Millennium Park and Northerly Island would be allowed to continue liquor sales until midnight, reports the Chicago Tribune.

    Because the tourists weren't annoying enough when they were sober.

    The proposal will be under consideration by the City Council's License Committee.

    Sex on the Beach, anyone?

    Matt Bartosik is a Chicago native and a social media sovereign.