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Blues Brothers Landmark Set for Demolition

Old Dixie Square Mall finally comes down



    Blues Brothers Landmark Set for Demolition

    The City of Harvey finally got to say goodbye to its historic eyesore.

    What's left of the once-flourishing Dixie Square Mall was set to be demolished Friday.

    Sitting on 60 acres of land at the intersection of 153rd Street and Dixie Highway, the slumped building filled with graffiti and sprouting trees was once home to 60 stores, including Montgomery Ward and J.C. Penny.

    The mall became most well-known after it closed, though.

    The 1980s film "The Blues Brothers," starring John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd, filmed its iconic car chase inside the closed mall.

    Demolition preparation began as early as Wednesday, removing all of the asbestos from the interior of the landmark.
    No word on whether another mall will be built in its place. The city says its primary focus is to tear down the crumbling building.