5 People Overdose at Suburban Home

Sheriff's deputies administered Naloxone to two of the individuals who were unconscious and unresponsive, officials said

Five people overdosed at the same suburban residence Saturday night, according to the Lake County Sheriff's office. 

Authorities said deputies responded to a call at a home in the 39300 block of N Lake Ave in unincorporated Lake Villa at approximately 11 p.m. Saturday night. 

When officers arrived, they found five adults who appeared to be suffering from a drug overdose. Two of the people were found unconscious and unresponsive, while three others conscious but incoherent, police said. 

Deputies administered a dose of Naloxone to the unresponsive people. Upon receiving the Naloxone, both began to regain consciousness. All five people were taken to an area hospital and are expected to live. 

Detectives said evidence at the scene was consistent with drug use, and the investigation is ongoing.

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