Art ‘Chat Daddy' Sims

Intimate relationships tend to be both a disturbing and rewarding experience for anyone who dares to venture into one. For the past 12 years, Art "Chat Daddy" Sims has been the penultimate personality and advice guru for all the brave hearts traversing the dunes of intimacy.

Matching keen wit with an eloquently straightforward tone, Chat Daddy produces a weekly relationship column in the Chicago Defender where everyday people seek advice on their relationship woes.

Chat Daddy honed this advice experience hosting literally thousands of his "Original Real Deal Chats" across the nation. The "Original Real Deal" is an open forum that welcomes people of all races and sexual expressions to meet and discuss the burning, sometimes controversial topics of relations.

Everything from infidelity to commitment and celibacy to bisexuality are open topics for conversation at any given time. Due to his "no holds barred" format, nine couples have been -- and remain -- married, even in this society's less than stellar matrimonial economy!

Chat Daddy has recently expanded his market, creating a new paradigm for parent-child communication by starting Chat Daddy Cares, a non-for-profit organization aimed at assisting today's youth with the common and serious problems and issues they face, as well as educating them on HIV/AIDS prevention.

Noted for his natural expertise and his sharp sensitivity for finding harmony within relationships, Chat Daddy has also been featured in numerous publications, including Chicago Magazine, Being Single, Rolling Out, and Ebony Magazine to name only a few.

Through his many appearances on television and radio, his authority has also garnered local and national attention. In a time where men and women are lost amid the histrionics of understanding love, Chat Daddy is helping couples everywhere create, hold, and cultivate lasting, fulfilling and intimate relationships.

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