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Coronavirus Data: Illinois Ranks 12th Nationally in New COVID-19 Cases Over the Last 7 Days

As Illinois reported its lowest number of coronavirus cases in more than two weeks, several states are still seeing dramatic surges in cases as the pandemic continues.

According to the latest data compiled by NBC 5 Investigates, Illinois ranks 12th nationally in the number of new COVID-19 cases reported over the last week. In fact, Florida has reported more than 10 times as many cases in the last seven days as Illinois has racked up, with California not far behind.

According to the CDC, Florida, California, Texas, Arizona, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Louisiana, Alabama and Ohio have all reported more new COVID-19 cases in the last week than Illinois has.

While Illinois still ranks sixth nationally in total cases during the pandemic, it could still soon be caught by another state that’s seeing a dramatic growth in cases. Currently, Arizona is ranked eighth nationally in total cases reported during the pandemic, just crossing the 100,000 case threshold on Tuesday.

With more than 28,000 cases reported in the last seven days, Arizona could conceivably pass Illinois, which has reported just over 148,000 total cases during the pandemic.

On a smaller scale, Chicago has also seen dips in the number of positive cases it has been reporting over the last three days. On each of those days, including Tuesday, fewer than 160 new COVID-19 cases were reported by the Chicago Department of Health. That hasn’t occurred on three straight days since late June, reversing a brief upward trend in the number of new cases.

For a full list of how other states are doing in terms of new coronavirus cases, NBC 5 Investigates is updating our numbers daily:

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