White Sox Release 2009 Schedule

Team Open 2009 Slate at U.S. Cellular Field April 6

CHICAGO – The Chicago White Sox have announced the club’s tentative 2009 regular-season schedule, with the White Sox opening at U.S. Cellular Field on Monday, April 6, vs. the Kansas City Royals.  It is the club’s fourth Opening Day at home over the past five seasons.  The other two games of the opening series are scheduled to be played on April 8 and 9.

            The White Sox will take on the division-rival Minnesota Twins in the second series at home (April 10-12) and begin the road portion of the schedule at Comerica Park vs. the Detroit Tigers on April 13.

 The White Sox and Cubs continue their interleague rivalry for the 13th straight season, with the Sox traveling to Wrigley Field (June 16-18) and the Cubs visiting U.S. Cellular Field (June 26-28) in a three-game weekend series.  The White Sox-Cubs all-time regular season series record currently is tied 33-33.

 The White Sox will start interleague play at home when they face the Pittsburgh Pirates (May 22-24).  The first interleague road opponent will be the Milwaukee Brewers (June 12-14).  It is the Sox first trip to Milwaukee’s Miller Park since the ballpark’s inaugural season in 2001.  The White Sox also will visit the Cincinnati Reds (June 19-21) and are scheduled to host the Los Angeles Dodgers (June 23-25).  The 2009 season marks the 50th anniversary of the 1959 World Series between the American League pennant-winning “Go Go Sox” and the Dodgers, which Los Angeles won four-games-to-two over the White Sox.

             The White Sox will face Boston eight times in 2009, including a four-game set at U.S. Cellular Field (September 4-7).  The New York Yankees also will visit U.S. Cellular Field for a four-game series (July 30-August 2).  The final home series of the season is a three-game set vs. Detroit (September 25-27).

             The longest homestand is 11 games, with series vs. Oakland (four games), Cleveland (three games) and Detroit (four games) between June 1-11.  The longest road trip is 10 games, which occurs twice (April 13-23 and August 24-September 2).

The 2009 schedule is tentative and subject to change.  Game times and a broadcast schedule will be released at a future date.

White Sox 2009 Tentative Schedule 

Date                       Opponent

April 6                    KANSAS CITY
April 8                    KANSAS CITY
April 9                    KANSAS CITY

April 10                  MINNESOTA
April 11                  MINNESOTA
April 12                  MINNESOTA

April 13                  at Detroit
April 14                  at Detroit
April 15                  at Detroit

April 16                  at Tampa Bay
April 17                  at Tampa Bay
April 18                  at Tampa Bay
April 19                  at Tampa Bay

April 21                  at Baltimore
April 22                  at Baltimore
April 23                  at Baltimore

April 24                  TORONTO
April 25                  TORONTO
April 26                  TORONTO

April 27                  SEATTLE
April 28                  SEATTLE
April 29                  SEATTLE

May 1                     at Texas
May 2                     at Texas
May 3                     at Texas

May 4                     at Kansas City
May 5                     at Kansas City

May 6                     DETROIT
May 7                     DETROIT

May 8                     TEXAS
May 9                     TEXAS
May 10                    TEXAS

May 11                   at Cleveland
May 12                   at Cleveland
May 13                   at Cleveland

May 15                   at Toronto
May 16                   at Toronto
May 17                   at Toronto
May 18                   at Toronto

May 19                   MINNESOTA
May 20                   MINNESOTA
May 21                   MINNESOTA

May 22                   PITTSBURGH
May 23                   PITTSBURGH
May 24                   PITTSBURGH

May 25                   at Los Angeles Angels
May 26                   at Los Angeles Angels
May 27                   at Los Angeles Angels

May 29                   at Kansas City
May 30                   at Kansas City
May 31                   at Kansas City

June 1                    OAKLAND
June 2                    OAKLAND
June 3                    OAKLAND
June 4                    OAKLAND

June 5                    CLEVELAND
June 6                    CLEVELAND
June 7                    CLEVELAND

June 8                    DETROIT
June 9                    DETROI
June 10                   DETROIT
June 11                   DETROIT

June 12                 at Milwaukee
June 13                 at Milwaukee
June 14                 at Milwaukee

June 16                 at Chicago Cubs
June 17                 at Chicago Cubs
June 18                 at Chicago Cubs

June 19                 at Cincinnati
June 20                 at Cincinnati
June 21                 at Cincinnati

June 23                 LOS ANGELES DODGERS
June 24                 LOS ANGELES DODGERS
June 25                 LOS ANGELES DODGERS

June 26                 CHICAGO CUBS
June 27                 CHICAGO CUBS
June 28                 CHICAGO CUBS

June 29                 at Cleveland
June 30                 at Cleveland
July 1                  at Cleveland

July 2                     at Kansas City
July 3                     at Kansas City
July 4                     at Kansas City
July 5                     at Kansas City

July 7                     CLEVELAND
July 8                     CLEVELAND
July 9                     CLEVELAND

July 10                   at Minnesota
July 11                   at Minnesota
July 12                   at Minnesota


July 14        All-Star Game @ St. Louis


July 17                   BALTIMORE
July 18                   BALTIMORE
July 19                   BALTIMORE

July 20                   TAMPA BAY
July 21                   TAMPA BAY
July 22                   TAMPA BAY
July 23                   TAMPA BAY

July 24                   at Detroit
July 25                   at Detroit
July 26                   at Detroit

July 27                   at Minnesota
July 28                   at Minnesota
July 29                   at Minnesota

July 30                   NEW YORK YANKEES
July 31                   NEW YORK YANKEES
August 1                  NEW YORK YANKEES
August 2                  NEW YORK YANKEES

August 4                LOS ANGELES ANGELS
August 5                LOS ANGELES ANGELS
August 6                LOS ANGELES ANGELS

August 7                CLEVELAND
August 8                CLEVELAND
August 9                CLEVELAND

August 10              at Seattle
August 11              at Seattle
August 12              at Seattle

August 14              at Oakland
August 15              at Oakland
August 16              at Oakland

August 17              KANSAS CITY
August 18              KANSAS CITY
August 19              KANSAS CITY

August 21              BALTIMORE
August 22              BALTIMORE
August 23              BALTIMORE

August 24              at Boston
August 25              at Boston
August 26              at Boston
August 27              at Boston

August 28              at New York Yankees
August 29              at New York Yankees
August 30              at New York Yankees

August 31              at Minnesota
September 1            at Minnesota
September 2            at Minnesota

September 4         BOSTON
September 5         BOSTON
September 6         BOSTON
September 7         BOSTON

September 8         OAKLAND
September 9         OAKLAND

September 11      at Los Angeles Angels
September 12      at Los Angeles Angels
September 13      at Los Angeles Angels

September 15      at Seattle
September 16      at Seattle
September 17      at Seattle

September 18      KANSAS CITY
September 19      KANSAS CITY
September 20      KANSAS CITY

September 21      MINNESOTA
September 22      MINNESOTA
September 23      MINNESOTA

September 25      DETROIT
September 26      DETROIT
September 27      DETROIT

September 28      at Cleveland
September 29      at Cleveland
September 30      at Cleveland

October 2              at Detroit
October 3              at Detroit
October 4              at Detroit



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