Tricky @ Logan Square Auditorium, 3/13/09

For his first album in five years, Tricky's return to the city of Chicago would be worth the trek out just to see what has fermented in that smoky brain of his in half a decade. But if you've already heard Knowle West Boy and have made up your mind for better or worse, nostalgia for old favorites would probably draw just as many out of their '90s slumber and into a church on Friday the 13th. As it stands, a last-second venue change nearly lost the crowd (Epiphany had some plumbing issues that moved the show to Logan Square just hours before showtime). But the fans followed, not about to let a pipe or two stop them from five or more years of waiting for one of the '90s most inventive minds. While the internet has a few snippets here and there — a video (barely) showing him knocking into his classic cover of Public Enemy's "Black Steel", a note telling of his friendly farewells to the audience.

Our own Kirstie Shanley has some photos of the event for Gapers Block: Transmission.





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