Get Down With the Pee Pants, Er, MC Chris (and a quick contest)

You wanna talk geek cred? MC Chris has it in spades: For years, he served as a writer and voice talent for Cartoon Network, working on The Brak Show, Sea Lab 2021, and notably, on Aqua Teen Hunger Force as MC Pee Pants, the most famous giant spider rapper to wear a shower cap.

Oh yeah, and he raps. In 2001, Chris captured geek hearts far and wide with underground hits including "The Tussin" and "Fett's Vette" (with the excellent hook "My backpack's got jets/ I'm Boba the Fett/ I bounty hunt for Jabba the Hut/ To finance my 'Vette." Many albums later, MC Chris is back on track with his latest CDs, 2008's MC Chris is Dead and 2009's Part Six Part One.

Want to spend an evening rhapsodizing about action figures? Of course you do. Check out the MC Chris show on Friday, April 24 at the Beat Kitchen. He'll be performing with Jacksonville, FL, punkers Whole Wheat Bread. The show kicks off at 7 p.m. and will set you back $14 at the door.

Really Quick Contest! The first one to email us at contests (at) gapersblock (dot) com with the subject "Pee Pants" gets a pair of tickets to the show on Friday night!

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