Toilet Talk: Drake Hotel Makes List

Ladies room among finalists in "Best Public Restroom" contest

Some find bathroom humor funny, but when it comes to a clean restroom, Cintas Corp. finds nothing funny about it.

The company, one that offers a variety of supplies and services including restroom products, realizes America’s love for a clean restroom. Now Chicagoans don’t have to go far to find one.

On Monday, Cintas Corp revealed the Drake Hotel’s Palm Court Ladies Room as one of the 10 finalists in the eighth annual America’s Best Public Restroom contest.

According to the contest's Web site,, in one recent survey, 75 percent of respondents said they would not return to a restaurant if the restroom did not satisfy them.

But when the urge strikes, the Drake Hotel’s Palm Court let's you get two things done at once.  The hotel features private suites with in-stall make-up tables.

"Each stall has its own sink and counter," Kevin Boland, the Drake's director of sales and marketing told the Chicago Sun-Times. "You can go in there, close the door, do your makeup, and no one looks at you."

Also inside, bathroom goers are welcomed by palm tree murals, elegant sconces and an array of chandeliers. The restroom has served both Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Diana.

According to the Sun-Times, Drake and other finalists were chosen from hundreds of nominations.

The only qualification for the contest, according to the Sun-Times, is the restroom must be "impeccability clean."

According to the contest’s Web site, Cintas Corp takes into consideration good taste, exceptional style, good hygiene and functionality.

Past winners include one restroom in Fairfield, Oh., that appears to be a large port-o-potty, but as visitors walk inside they are greeted by a jungle themed hall with decorative wall hangings. The owners of another in Nashville, Tenn., made room for a shoeshine station.

David Brandt, the contest coordinator, has seen all types of creative restrooms, but some do not meet his standards.

In London, one restroom had Brandt almost scared out of his pants with urinals shaped like lips.

"You're basically peeing into a mouth," Brandt said. "That really creeped me out."

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