Star-Worthy Sushi

If you want to “roll” like the stars, head to SushiSamba, where Bachelorette Jillian Harris and her main squeeze Ed Swiderski were spotted last week. Now that the couple has officially arrived in Chicago (Ed’s hometown), we’re sure you’ll be seeing their faces everywhere. But SushiSamba was one of the first spots the reality stars chose to hang out and dine. They shared a meal with six friends.

The group ate from a special omakase menu prepared by SushiSamba's chef, Juliana Gonzales. The tasty morsels he created include: White Asparagus Gazpacho, Organic Goat Cheese Salad, Ahi Tuna a la Plancha, Mustard Miso Marinated Beef Tenderloin and Arroz con Leite. Delish.
They also shared El Topo Roll (which is Ed's favorite roll), a non-traditional roll made with rice, shiso leaf, jalapeno, salmon, melted mozzarella and topped with a spicy mayo.
And what romance would be complete without a serious amount of booze. The group also enjoyed the SushiSamba cocktail tree.
And all sea creatures aside, it appears the couple is going strong. “Jillian and Ed were completely adorable all night with their guests,” said a witness. “They definitely showed some affection and kept the entire table entertained.” 
Nothing like a little sashimi to set the mood ...
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