We're Gonna (Pizza) Party Like its 1959

Aurelio's Pizza to sell pies at 1959 prices Thursday

The slumping economy might make you wish we were back in the year 1959. You know, when a new home averaged just over $12,000, a gallon of gas 25 cents, and a movie ticket a measly buck. Never mind the fact that you were only making about $5,000 a year.

Now that you're hopefully earning a tad bit more than that, it'll feel extra special on Thursday when Aurelio's Pizza turns back the clock by offering 1959 prices at its Chicago-area restaurants.

Pizza prices will range from $1.75 for a small cheese to $6.50 for a Fiesta Super Six.

We've been told that local police departments have been notified in anticipation of traffic jams and long lines to get to the food.

The offer is good "as long as supplies last," so we're guessing you might want to consider pizza for breakfast that day. Or, you might want to consider buying more than one.

After all, the Beaver has a pretty big appetite.

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