Try a Local Brew, Mr. President

That's a spicy micro-brew

In Chicago, many a dispute is settled over a piping hot pizza and a cold beer.

Seeing as how President Obama claims Chicago as his home, it makes sense that he would employ a similar strategy for resolving the conflict that bubbled up between Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr. and Sgt. James Crowley the Cambridge, Massachusetts police officer who arrested him for breaking into his own home.
Obama likes the idea of hashing out the kerfuffle over some suds, but he’s never mentioned pizza.
One Chicago area brewer thinks he should kill two birds with one stone.
Tom and Atheena Seefurth a St. Charles, Illinois couple makes the one and only “pizza beer” in the country. Mama Mia! Pizza Beer is a light ale flavored with tomatoes, garlic, basil and oregano,  and the Seefurth’s have offered their unique micro-brew for to the president for his smoothing over session because the beer was created with through neighborly unity.
“We feel that it’s the perfect beer for the occasion because it was created by such a diverse group of people,” said brewmaster Tom. “Every ingredient in our beer was donated by someone in our neighborhood; we got garlic from one neighbor, basil from another.”
The Seefurth’s “Pizza Beer” has gained national attention before. They were featured in a spot on the Today show, along with some other news shows because of the strange nature of their swill. But a shipment to the White House would trump all, Seefurth says.
Seefurth has calls in to the president, but so far he’s only gotten through to the White House Social Office. They told him it might be tough to get his beer into the meeting with Gates, Crowley and Obama, because they White House will not receive shipments of liquid for securtiy reasons. 
“They said that someone from the White House will go to a local store and pick out a beer and that they won’t take shipments,” Seefurth said.
The Seefurth's are not discouraged. Now they've taken to YouTube to plead with the president to choose thier beer.
“They really should consider ‘Pizza Beer’ because it’s truly American,” Seefurth said. “I think one of the guys said he wanted Blue Moon, which is Miller so it’s South American and the other guy wants Red Stripe and that’s Caribbean. Really we think pizza beer is the only logical choice.
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