Get On Your Boots

**What the $%^& is that? A power generator used by an unnamed sports TV network was handcuffed for parking illegally at Wrigley? Really? Are you people serious? Instead of looking for my poor Nissan, the city has decided it will attack anything in its path even if it's on private property (and it sure looks like it does).

Prior to this interesting encounter, the parking ticket geniuses found a way to beat me at my own game and hooked me up with an 8:01 AM parking ticket at a meter last week. Walking to my car, there I see the envelope of Orange Death sitting on my windshield and no more than 500 feet up the road are a pair of neon clipboard holders strolling along. Well done.

I guess when you challenge people, they step up their game. So I responded the next day by showing up to give them a great standing ovation for their efforts. I couldn't believe what I saw.

7:59 AM and there she is.

Official #252 writing a ticket for someone else prior to the 8 AM whistle. I was livid and called 311 to lodge a complaint. Turns out I'm not the only one who's battling with this official (I won't call her an officer, since she isn't one). I've heard of a few complaints about her. Such as the time when a meter was broken, it was noted to the official in person by the driver in question, and 45 minutes later she came back to write a ticket anyway. #252 knows that she can reset broken meters herself, but she decided to write a ticket to let someone else deal with it.

What a way to be professional and dilligent! (Breathe, let it go)

**Construction Update: I haven't talked too much about construction either on here or on the air. (I don't want to depress anyone) However, we're moving into the thick of the season.

The Illinois Tollway folks broke ground on a $50 million interchange project at Eola Road on the Reagan Memorial Tollway. This has been talked about for 20 years, glad they're doing it. Although, the ramp locations are strange, it follows a new trend of pushing flow to side roads and allowing for commercial development. (Just like the new Naperville Road interchange).

Tri State Tollway has a new express lane! Watch out for the split traffic going north from 159th to 95th. (It'll all be over soon, I promise)

I-80 near the DuPage River, crews have begun bridge work that limits traffic to one lane each way. If you're commuting from Morris, Minooka, Channahon, etc, then you know how much of a mess that could be. Jump in line with the semis or hop on US 6.


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