Fitness Gifts for the Holidays!

The NBC 5 Fitness Team has you in mind this holiday season with our favorite fitness gifts! We have low-high price gifts that can fit your particular budget. 
Saran's pick:  Gorilla-Grips. Say goodbye to calluses and hello to Gorilla-Grips! These grips are made of textured high-grade leather pads that fit across your palm. They're secured by durable, finger-gripping elastic loops that make for easy on and off and adjust to the optimal positioning of your palms or fingers in a snap! They also have multiple uses; they can be used most importantly when lifting weights, shoveling snow (with Ski gloves over them!), riding a bike or even lugging heavy shopping bags!   On a personal note: I wear my Gorilla-Grips when I'm just training clients because they make it easier to handle weights and my clients always want to try them! These are also great for men who don't want to be embarrassed when shaking hands in business meetings!  Once you try the Gorilla-Grips, you won't want to use anything else.   A percentage of the profits from the sale of every pair of Gorilla-Grips goes to the African Wildlife Foundation, the leading conservation organization working to protect endangered mountain gorillas in their natural habitat. These are the perfect gift for anyone! Purchase yours today at
**Retail: $19.95
Sergio's pick: The Perfect Pull-up. A complete Upper Body Machine.
Get more from your workouts without having to leave the house.
The Perfect Pullup features 2 innovations to help you strengthen your upper body and core like never before. Adjustable swing arms provide 3 exercise positions for Standing Rows, Australian Pullups and Rotational Pullups never before possible from a single pullup bar. The Perfect Pullup bar and handles support 300 lb users when installed in accordance with our instruction guide. The maximum weight supported will be lower if the door frame is in poor condition or of substandard construction or materials. It also fits any door frame! Log on to for more information!
** Retail: 79.95
Andrea's pick:  Jillian Michaels’ Fitness Ultimatum 2009 is the first game to combine a celebrity fitness trainer with the Wii and innovative Wii Balance Board to offer a fun and entertaining way to get fit. Under Jillian’s expert guidance, players can pursue a focused workout that helps them reach their fitness goals through rigorous, branching exercise routines and multiple difficulty levels that will get players into the best shape of their life! Additionally, by completing training tasks, players can unlock helpful tips and advice from Jillian about eating right and achieving overall wellness. The Human Touch iJoy Board balance trainer simulates the motion of a snowboard, skateboard or surfboard in action. It comes with a wireless remote control so it’s easy to control the speed. It is available at Specialty Back Care Stores, Fine Furniture, Major U.S. Retailers and at
**Retail: 479.00
Get fit this holiday season with our favorite fitness gifts! Happy shopping!
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