Fans Get Chance to Skate On Wrigley

Neighborhood skate offers fun days after Winter Classic

The Winter Classic is as highly anticipated as hockey games get, and with good reason. It's a novelty. It's hockey at Wrigley Field. And it's the Blackhawks vs. the Red Wings, in the snow, on Jan. 1, in a nationally televised event. It's sort of a big deal.

Because it's such a big deal, it's going to be hard for the average fan to afford tickets. Those fans lucky enough to get the chance to purchase seats then have to deal with a difficult decision in these tough economic times: Is it worth $300? For some, it might be, but it's hard to believe most casual fans will want to deal with the financial headache.

If so, there's a second option -- an open skate at Wrigley on Jan. 4.

It's a "special community skate day," according to the Cubs web site, for which you can currently buy tickets. Check that -- you can currently buy tickets if you live around Wrigleyville; the skate day is only for "neighbors." Presumably, that's the Cubs' way of making up for all that winter noise that'll be happening on Sunday night, or that Police concert last year.

Either way, act fast, call your neighborhood organization, and get your $10 tickets. That's all the novelty for 1/30th the price of a Winter Classic ticket. Hard to go wrong there -- if you can find a ticket.

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