One Great Sandwich: Hackney's “Inside Out” Burger


One of the guidelines we set when we hashed out the idea for "OGS" was "no burgers." We break that today because, while at Hackney's South Loop last weekend we had such an amazing burger it could not go unnoticed.

Staring you in the face is the "inside out" burger ($7.95). It looks fairly standard, but stuffed inside that half-pound of fresh ground beef is cheddar cheese and bacon (BACON!). Cut into the patty with a knife or fork and the cheddar flows lava from Pompeii. Not surprisingly, this burger will also preserve our arteries in a state of frozen decay, like the ash from Pompeii. Hackney's customers get a choice of bun or roll for their burgers; we opted for a rye bun. Served with perfectly crisped fries and an optional bowl of Hackney's amazing tortilla soup, it provided much needed fuel after walking from seminar to seminar Saturday.

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