Car Barrels Through Busy Pioneer Court, Smashes into Building Near Michigan Avenue

A silver SUV drove through Pioneer Court downtown Friday afternoon and crashed into a building.

It was unclear what caused the accident shortly after 4 p.m. on Michigan Avenue near Illinois Street. The Chicago Fire Department said three people were sent to Lurie Children's Hospital. Two of the patients were in good condition and a third was in serious. A fourth person was evaluated at the scene.

An NBC 5 intern who was in the court when the crash occurred helped pull the driver from the devastated vehicle.

Jonathan Ballew, who is a United States Marine Corps veteran, pulled a man from the vehicle who he said seemed to be in shock.

"I dropped my bag, I dropped my jacket and I sprinted toward the car," he said. "I saw a driver in there, he was covered in blood, he was freaking out, I tried to keep him calm, pulled him out."

Ballew said he kept the man's head stable while a nearby off-duty ER doctor came to assist him in keeping the man calm.

"(The doctor) kept him stable and we just waited for help to get there," Ballew said.

A woman was also in the car, Ballew said, but she didn't appear to be injured.

Another woman in Pioneer Court was led away with apparent leg injuries by first responders.

No other information was immediately available.

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